Hire Me

I hope you enjoy the space we’ve created to showcase fun happenings in and around Washington D.C.

Along the way, I’ve worked with companies large and small, from Ford to local restaurants, and helped them manage brand launches, giveaways, and social media engagement directed to a Washington DC audience.

I also manage a network of  independent Washington D.C blogs through DistrictBlooms that connects brands with bloggers for targeted campaigns.  Bloggers are at the forefront of exploring the benefits of social media, and I can help better position your brand in the Washington DC area.

You are welcome to drop me a line anytime to ask a question, hash out an idea, or just have a chat about social media best practices.

Here are 5 Things You Should know about Working with me

1) I am a blogger and relationship builder first.  Good blogger engagement is extremely important

2) I will work to understand your goals in the social media space.

3) I will under-promise and make every effort to over-deliver.

4) I will advocate for compensation for bloggers involved in campaigns.

5) I’m easy and fun to work with {At least that’s the word on the street!}

Okay, enough rambling.  Contact me here and let’s chat!