138. Food and Wine Bloggers Night at Weygandt wines

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On Day 138 of our journey to find the most enjoyable 365 Things to do in DC, we  bring you a new event and great addition to our list

Weygandt Wines, along with friend of this blog, Joon from Vinicultured.com, will be having a new monthly event dedicated to the food and wine blog community.

The purpose of Food and Wine Blogger Night is to offer the DC blogging community a cool space to drink some outstanding wines and network a bit.  It’s a great opportunity to finally meet the folks on your blog roll.

So, stop by, bring a bottle of wine with you, or buy one at the store at a 20% discount.  Either one is cool!

While the first few iterations will be wine “free for alls”, future Food and future nights will be themed ( Wines of the Loire, South American Wines, etc.).

While they expect quite a few bloggers to come out, everyone is welcome.  Spaces are limited though, so if you want to check it out please RSVP to joon@vinicultured.com by Friday, November 11.

Food and Wine Blogger Night at Weygandt Wines.

Have a blast!

Weygandt Wines
3519 Connecticut Avenue NW
Thursday, November 17
6 – 8 pm


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