44. Washington DC Zoo

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Washington DC Zoo Folks!  This is a perfect spot to check out before it gets too hot.  The zoo is completely free, so you can pack some food and drinks (they’re cool with it), some comfortable shoes, and you’re good to go.   It’s really the closest thing to a safari that we have in the area.

Bears lounging, orangutan climbing, sea lions splashing, tigers growling,  giraffe eating, and lions looking at you like you’re covered in barbecue sauce.  What’s not to love.

You’ll enjoy the sprawling walkways, and the nice relaxing walks between exhibits.  I especially love the Asian trail with the red pandas.

These are three cheetahs that were on loan, but there are also some new cheetah cubs that were born in December of last year.


If you have children, there’s a really neat children’s area that is set up like a farm where animals roam free!

No better way to spend a beautiful day, than at the Smithsonian Washington DC  Zoo.   Grab a few friends, a date, or the little ones, and make a day of it.

Bonus Tips: Avoid super hot days.  The animals will be relaxing in the shade and it would be more difficult to check them out.  And if you take the Metro, get off at the Cleveland Park stop and walk downhill.  Then when you’re leaving walk downhill again to the Washington DC Zoo Metro stop.

You’ll thank me later.

Connect with nature and have a blast!

3001 Connecticut Ave NW
(at N Hawthorne St)
Washington, DC 20008


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  1. I can’t wait for another nice day in D.C. so I can take another trip to the zoo. I love it there and these pictures really make me want to take another trip.

    • rohan says:

      Krystal, thanks so much for stoppiong by. Yup, soon we’ll have plenty of nice days on our hands. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

      Really glad you stopped by.


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