The DC Foodie Community and Readers Survey

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Let’s get to know the community better together…

Participating Blogs as of 6/21/11: Gluten Free Grazer, Eating Around DC, Capital Cooking Show, Eat More Drink More, Spoon and Fork  DC, Sauté and Sip, The Bottomless Mimosa, K Street KateThe Hungry Muse,, I Eat Asphalt, TCrumbley, Mis-en-space, Food Wanderings, Ellinidadc, Discojing, Just Fergie, Hungry With Children, My Cup of Creativitea, Lunch Encounter, Mr Foodographer, Eating Cooking Writing, Hamhocks and latke drops, The People V. Picket Fence, Foodiesfavs, Barkless Vegetables , Been There Eaten That, The Daily Batch, What Micky Eats, Thats What She Fed, Dishdc, DCfud, Foodie Heaven DC , TravelJonez, Rigging it Up, Prelude to a Dish, Eat Real Things, The Novice, State Dinner, The Soup bowl, DMV Dining, Food Truck Ninja, Travel Eat Repeat, Strawberries in Paris, Every Food Fits, Copper Pot of Reston, Never Turn Down a Cupcake, Schmoozingdc, Michelle du Pray, DC Pizza Blog, Fork It, Delectabelle, (and our hosts District365, and Spoonbyte).  Read on to be added to this list.

As Foodie bloggers, we’re a part of a growing and thriving community.  We write about our favorite foods or D.C restaurant experiences,  but questions about the Foodie community AND our readers remain.

To answer these questions, to help you to get to know the community better, and to improve how we as a collective serve our readers, we’re running a double survey over multiple blogs (more blogs = better data):

1) Survey to Learn More About  Each Other

Do you ever wonder what other Foodie bloggers do for a living? How many of them have been able to make money from their blogs?  What about their best sources of traffic?  Favorite restaurants?  How they took their blogs to the next level? How they build and nurture relationships within the community?

2) Survey to Learn More About Our Combined Readers

Have you ever wondered the types of posts our readers enjoy most?  How often your recommendations lead your readers to check out a restaurant or whip up your recipe?  The things that affect their impressions of a restaurant most?  About their demographics and special tastes that are being unmet?

These are the types of questions we hope to answer, and I think this will bring us  a lot of valuable information when we compile data from so many DC blogs.

We’ll illustrate all the data for a good snapshot of the food blogging community in DC and our combined followers.

Sounds good! How can I help?

Join us in spreading the word and encouraging as many people as possible to take part so we can gain some real insight into our growing community and have a better understanding of our readers.

If you want to take part, let me know by tweeting this out.  I’ll see it and add your blog to the list above if your blog is in your twitter profile. If not, leave a link to your blog in the comments.

I’ll then be in touch with an advanced preview of the questions for your input. Spread the word by adding an intro and tweeting this out to your followers:

[tweetbox width=”500″ height=”50″ label=”We made it easy“> We made it easy” content=”{add your own intro} DC Foodies Survey #dcfoodies #dc”]

Even if we got 25 bloggers involved, imagine the things we can learn about our Foodie community and the DC area residents that follow along, and how they interact with our blogs and with local restaurants.

Write a Quick Blog About the Survey (On or After June 27th)

If you’re interested in finding out more about the combined readership of DC Food Blogs (probably numbering in the hundreds of thousands depending on how many bloggers participate), we ask that you write a short post asking your readers to participate on or after June 27th.

We’ll give you advanced preview of the questions, and solicit your input and feedback to make sure any questions you have are added to the survey.

Everything kicks off on Monday, June 27th. If you want to help, please check out the details below and leave a comment with a link to your blog or tweet this out above.  You can also contact me on twitter @365thingstododc or write me at Rohan76 {at}



The DC Foodie Community and Readers Survey

Hosted by:

Washington DC Foodie Bloggers, We Need Your Help!

The Survey is an opportunity for the growing DC Foodie community to understand more about the group (and a larger selection of DC area residents who follow blogs like ours ).  Answers to these questions will be indispensable in helping all of us better understand who makes up the community.

Participating Blogs

This is where you come in! We need help in spreading the word about the survey to encourage as many participants as possible.

If you have a blog that is focused on eating in DC, or things to do in Washington DC and it includes food reviews, we would love for you to help us by encouraging your readers to participate.

What do I get for participating?

* Advance preview of the survey questions and your input added to the survey
* Complete access to the survey results within 48 hours after the survey ends
* Rights to write about the survey and results on your blog
* Recognition as a participating blog (your logo) on the survey site
* Mention in the press release about the survey

*  We will have two versions of the survey, one for bloggers, and one for readers.

Readers who complete the survey will have the opportunity to be recognized (with a link to their Twitter page or website) in an upcoming post about the survey results.

I’m in! How do I help promote the survey?

First, leave a comment below and let us know that you want to participate. To get an early preview of the survey questions, access to the results and to have your blog’s logo included, all you need to do is write a short post on your blog on or after June 27th, 2011 about the survey asking your readers to participate. The post should explain what the survey is all about, and ask readers to complete the survey at: on or after June 27th.

I’ll update this post with the participants.  Should be fun!

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45 Responses to “The DC Foodie Community and Readers Survey”

  1. TR says:

    I’d love to participate! My blog is

  2. Count me in! I’ll definitely participate in the survey when it’s available.

    • rohan says:

      Got you Alex. Thanks, will be in touch in a few days with an advanced peek at the questions for your input.

  3. Thien-Kim says:

    I’m in! Let me know how I can help.

    • rohan says:

      Awesome Thien-Kim, I’ll shoot you an advanced look at the questions for your input shortly. Please share this page with any DC Foodies you know. So happy you’re in, your site is beautiful by the way! Love the design.

  4. Casey says:

    I’m in when the survey is available.

    • rohan says:

      Hi Casey, added you to the list. The survey will be available on Monday, June 27th. Awesome, glad you’re on board. Should be some useful info for all of us.

      • Bek says:

        The reader suvery is a great idea. Can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say. I really enjoy pretty much everything you write about. Thanks, Russell.

  5. Micky says:

    I would like to participate – please send details when available!

    • rohan says:

      Just added you to the list Micky. Will do, thanks a mil for signing on. Should be some great info to graph up. Thanks again.

  6. I’m in! Sounds awesome!

    • rohan says:

      Got you, thanks. Will be in touch soon.

      • Bhemzkhie says:

        David, thank you for the comments. This is a fortcaseing survey to help us better understand what direction people are heading for 2010/2011. We are not expecting everyone to know all of the answers but to answer what they do know or what they believe the numbers are and strategic directions should be. In your case, since you are web-based, your budget for print and other related services would be zero. Print and other strategies would be based on what you think they should be and then focus your area of interest comments and feedback when you get to the web/plone-based questions. I hope that helps.

  7. Jonez says:

    Keep me in the loop.

  8. I just Tweeted — looking forward to hearing more about this and getting involved.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Sure! I’m in.

  10. K says:

    Sounds like fun, count me in!

  11. Michelle says:

    I’d like to participate! I blog about photography, food, and taking pictures of food! 🙂

  12. Evi says:

    I’d love to participate! This is a great idea! =)

    • rohan says:

      Evi, please write a post letting your readers know about it and take the survey as well.

    • Glasiow says:

      I agree with Erik. I’ve read tons of training litearture but it would be nice to confirm the essentials with someone who has had as much success as you. Keep Blogging!!Mat S.

    • I am not certain if you mean that you want to write a weblog but don’t want the templates that come supplied with places like Doodlekit… or if you mean you would like to use the content material material from one more blog – not written by you – inside your web web site.

  13. April says:

    I was in London when you posted on my wall and I just checked up on it, but any other survey or anything you are doing in the future, I would love to be included in!

  14. Juliana says:

    i love you post! It was so enjoyable.. hope to read some more..

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