91. The Foo Fah Show at Capital Fringe

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So this is a short guest post by Mark Spiegel for his upcoming storytelling and interactive kids show at the Capital Fringe Festival. Looks like it’s going to be fun!

Starting in the imaginary world of Foo Fah, the stories are several and all a bit fantastical.  There are evil beings, angelic choruses, one wise nincompoop, a forever jaundiced dragon and an absolutely non-preachy morality tale or two.    The storyteller, Marc Spiegel, assigns parts to sections of the audience and then conducts them like a raucous symphony in the telling of his original ridiculous and sublime tales.

In a land overgrown that was known to be shown by its own magic tone of Foo Fah…

Marc will lead you into a time before video games and virtual reality, when “interactive” meant being in the same room and speaking face to face, when people entertained each other with stories and rhymes, and the whole community joined in to make a joyful noise.

You will meet wacky, wild, and wonderful characters like Gorgon Corpuscle, who has broken out of the confines of Marc Speigel’s imagination and arrived in our world via his Urban Dictionary definition of “foo fah.”

Foo Fah is for “kids” of all ages, with a special “Grown Up” Show on Wednesday July 13th and a Family Show on Saturday July 9th.  Additional show dates are appropriate for all ages.  Dates, times, and ticket information is available here:  http://shows.capfringe.org/shows/585-Marc-Spiegel-The-Foo-Fah-Show.html

Marc contracted the germ of the idea for the Foo Fah Show some years ago after having fled from Harvard Graduate School to Hollywood, California.  This is how he tells it:

“Early one evening I was walking down La Brea Avenue between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards with some distinctly eccentric people I have only just met.   Suddenly the street lights turned on and I had the immediate realization that “all people are one.”   It was a comforting thought, though I had no clear idea what it meant.

“A few years later, having decided not to return to graduate school, I started performing on the streets of San Francisco.  I had no theatrical training, no musical ability or acrobatic skills, but I remembered my earlier realization and set out to make the audience and the performer one.  It was a gradual evolution which is even now still picking up speed.  I welcome you all into this journey.

About Marc

Marc is an entertainer, educator, and storyteller extraordinaire, who continues to delight school audiences with his Einstein Alive! show http://www.marcspiegel.com/einstein/ and his unique and dynamic presentation of multicultural traditional folk tales and mythology, http://www.marcspiegel.com/.

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4 Responses to “91. The Foo Fah Show at Capital Fringe”

  1. Marc Spiegel says:

    I am delighted to be mentioned as one of the 365 things to do in DC, thank you very much for recognizing the show. It is great fun for kids, for adults, for adults who wish they were still kids, and everyone in between.

    Join us on Saturday at 12pm for our opening show. There will be raucous rhyming and sublime stories and fun for all. Foo Fah!

  2. Pamela Nash says:

    Thank you so much for the mention. There are still tickets available for tomorrow’s 12pm show. (and some of the other kid-friendly times).

    tickets are available here:


  3. Arifin says:

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