33. Things To Do In DC | Spend a Day in Capitol Hill

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Yaaaaay!! I’m glad you stumbled onto our little corner of the internet.  Welcome!  No seriously, welcome!  On our twitter page, we said we would be doing a series on Capitol Hill and here we are.  We spent the entire day over there and wanted to bring you the things we enjoyed most.

This will just be a teaser of everywhere we’ve been today.  In the next 7 days, we’ll add a full post, details, and way more pictures on each and every one of these locations.  So without further Ado, here is our

Top 7 Things to Do in Capitol Hill

The day started with us getting some amazing parking by 7th and North Carolina, right by Eastern Market.  The weather was lovely and folks were out in good moods and doing some shopping.  A people-watching extravaganza!  Shoot, dogs too!  We ran into some of the coolest dogs we’ve ever seen.  We have a gazillion pictures and more details to share on this DC attraction.  Click to read the full post on Eastern Market in Washington DC.

1. Check out the Eastern Market Vendors

2. Grab some coffee from Peregrine Espresso

Then we headed down 7th street to Peregrine Espresso for a quick cappucino and hot chocolate.  It’s a quick two minute walk!  Julia Christian from the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce told us that this was a can’t miss spot and she was right!  At Peregrine their coffees are brewed individually.  It was really cool watching them pour the water over the grounds instead of the usual pre-brewed coffee. Check out our full Capitol Hill Coffee post on Peregrine Espresso.  What a cool Washington DC site!

3. Cooking classes or kitchen shopping at Hill’s Kitchen

The next stop was Hill’s Kitchen – This is just across the street from Peregrine on D street.   This is the first retail store we’ve listed on our “Things to do in Washington DC” list, but our experience there was too amazing for it not to make the list.  The owner, Leah, is a Capitol Hill native who managed to create the coolest little kitchen store on the east side.    Leah also puts on great cooking classes on the second floor.  This is a quaint little location with a super nice staff and a wonderful addition to the list. Read the full post on Hill’s Kitchen in Capitol Hill.

4. Brunch at Montmartre’s French restaurant

Then we stopped in at Montmartre’s French restaurant for brunch.  You should definitely give this spot a try.  The staff was friendly and attentive and the food was AWESOME!  I’m an Eggs Benedict fan and these folks do it right!  I think you’ll enjoy our full post on this awesome little French restaurant in Capitol Hill.

5. Take in ANYTHING at The Fridge

Our next stop on our awesome day!  Hands down one of the coolest spots in Capitol Hill! The Fridge is an underground indie art space, meets poetry spot, meets live band showcase, meets acting basement…and on and on.  Seriously, I don’t even think this description does it justice.  You have to be out to find this spot or you’ll miss it.  It’s in a little alley behind Belga Cafe.  Whatever you do, try to check out an exhibition or show here.  Definitely one of those fun things to see in DC.

6. Check out Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

After checking out the Fridge, a quick left to G street and a right on G over to 7th Street (Corner of 7th and G), you’ll find Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.  This spot has been there forever and has played a huge role in the lives of many Capitol Hill children.  Think arts education and cultural initiatives. I love what they do and couldn’t resist adding them to our list!  Expect some cool pics and fun stories on our post about them.

7. Grab some $1 books at Capitol Hill Library

And our last stop for the day was the public library.  We stopped by on a whim and found some great books for $1 and some surprisingly cool stuff we think you’ll like.

The day in Capitol Hill was awesome.  We’d like to thank Julia Christian, Executive Director of Champs – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce for the awesome recommendations.  These are all within a five block radius of each other so it would be a fun day with the family or with friends.  After the day we had, all we can say is

Capitol Hill Rocks!

Don’t forget.  In the next 7 days, we’ll add a full post, details, and way more pictures on each and every one of these locations.  This was truly one of the most fun things to do in DC that we’ve experienced for some time.

Check these spots out and have a blast!

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9 Responses to “33. Things To Do In DC | Spend a Day in Capitol Hill”

  1. stacy says:

    I can’t wait to see your detailed posts on this. I haven’t been over to Capitol Hill for some time but this just might be my inspiration to head over there next weekend!

  2. mary says:

    You guys are such great ambassadors for the city! Oh I’ve been to Hill’s kitchen before and it’s like heaven in there for a cooking enthusiast like myself. Looking forward to your detailed posts.

    • Vida says:

      Mary, I love love loved it in Hill’s Kitchen, too. Especially the funky aprons and the soda making machine. It’s like a kitchen lover’s paradise!

  3. lloyd says:

    Awesome post. I almost forgot what cool things are right in my backyard sometime. It’s going to be even more fun when things warm up a bit.

    • Luulyy says:

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  4. Richard says:

    WOW, Linda- only 14 and nearly 6 feet tall? SHEESH!! I was 4 foot 9 when I got my diervr’s license and I am still only 5 foot now, haha.We were just in DC yesterday! We are travelling all over ( 9 states) this whole week.

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