154. Rock and Roll Hotel

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As their motto goes, “You can play here, but you can’t stay here!”

Don’t let the “Hotel” in the name fool you.

The Rock and Roll Hotel is one of DC’s coolest lounge/nightclub/live entertainment and hang out spot.  Go there for great concerts, an awesome bar, and to rub elbows with DC folks that are in the know.

You just can’t spend the night, because it’s really  not a hotel.

The Rock and Roll Hotel pulls young professionals and the DC college crowd.  On any Saturday night you’ll get a mixture of Top 40 music mixed in with classic old school jams from their in house DJ.  I think you’ll love the quaint design and awesome randomness of the place.

A fun crowd, excellent servers, fair pours, and weirdness like a laser light show and weekly trivia contests, I think you’ll enjoy this awesome underground spot on the H Street Corridor.

Check out their calendar of events and shows , find something you like and go check them out.

All ages are welcome, but 21+ on the second floor bar area.

Have a blast at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC.
1353 H St NE(between N 14th St & N Linden Ct)
Washington, DC 20002


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4 Responses to “154. Rock and Roll Hotel”

  1. I had never been to the Rock and Roll Hotel, Just Google it, and found it to be pretty interesting.. would love to visit it on my next visit!

  2. The Bounce says:

    I love the Rock and Roll Hotel! I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to go back the next time I’m in DC! Always a nice stay.

  3. Wow! It’s so great!


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