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So this is a guest post by Karen on the Pov Rooftop Lounge at the W Hotel.

I have a good friend who when he comes to town always politely declines my invitation to crash at my place and chooses instead to lay his head on the ever so soft pillows of the W Hotel. Not one to scoff at the little luxuries in life, I often head over and spend some time at the W while he’s there.

And by spending time at the W, I really mean chilling at POV at the W hotel, their rooftop lounge. For breath-taking views of DC it doesn’t get any better than POV lounge in DC.  The Washington Monument stands breathtakingly majestic, the White House is radiantly lit, and other historical buildings add to the splendid backdrop.

Though the views alone are worth the trip to the POV at the W hotel, POV brings out some other types of eye candy. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a damn good looking place! The crowd is usually a good mix of locals and guests of the hotel. Thankfully you’re not lounging with the tourists that ride around DC on Segways, these out-of-town POV patrons are a lot more sophisticated than that.

Eventually, the sophistication that surrounds you starts to be too much and you need a little libation to take the edge off. That’s when you head to the bar hopefully already prepared to spend some serious coinage. The drinks aren’t cheap. But you didn’t really expect them to be, did you?  This is the POV rooftop terrace after all!

Thirst quenched? Check! Now let’s get our grub on at the POV at the W hotel. Luckily, since you took out a second mortgage on your house right there at the bar in order to afford the drinks, the food will be a delightful exploration into reasonable prices and surprisingly tasty dishes. I’ve had the crab cake sandwich, the grilled lamb chops and the chicken satay and I can honestly say they’ve all been good and I’ve been completely satisfied every time.

Most people don’t go to POV Rooftop Terrace to listen to music, but it’s there and it’s a pretty decent mix of hip-hop, pop, and rock. There isn’t room to dance so you should leave those shoes at home. Who has time to dance anyway? You’re at POV! Enjoy the view, enjoy the food, enjoy the people, but most importantly…enjoy yourself at the POV at the w hotel.

515 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 661-2400


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