8. Poetry and Jazz @ Bohemian Caverns

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Stop for a second and picture a classy and upscale jazz location with a large performance space.  Picture the type of sofas that you just seem to melt into when you lean back. Hear the gentle notes lightly tugging at your ears as your drink kisses your lips with every sip.

Sounds good?

Well this spot is NOT what you’re looking for!

As far as I’m concerned though, it’s even better than that. Don’t expect super luxury, this place is about the experience!  Bohemian Caverns open mic on Wednesdays is a must experience in DC. The look and feel of the place is absolutely unique: It literally looks like you’re inside a small cave, with regular wooden tables, and a small non-elevated stage. Best thing though, no matter where you sit, you’ll be no more than 20 feet from the stage (which too is fairly small by the way).

The performances

Freaking amazing! Bohemian Cavern attracts a hosh posh of various performers? Poets, Jazz musicians, pop singers, guitarist, dance/drum groups, free style rappers, you name it. Picture a night at the Apollo meets Russel Simmons Def Poetry Jam. Everything all rolled together for a sweet $8 cover charge.

It’s a tiny spot, so if you sit close to the stage it will be a bit difficult to have a conversation with your date, but besides this, I would definitely recommend checking them out. You’ll leave with a positive vibe and more energy than you walked in with. I promise.

Grab a date or friend and enjoy! On my last trip I had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and pasta. (Mmmm,Mmmm good!)

Location: 2001 11th St. N.W, Washington DC

(Corner of 11th and U)



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2 Responses to “8. Poetry and Jazz @ Bohemian Caverns”

  1. Sharon Matthews says:

    $8 cover charge would have been great, they charged me $20 to get in the door and $15 for parking!

    • rohan says:

      Sharon, what day did you go? It really depends on the day and if they’re having a special show. And the parking? Cheese! I never park in parking lots so I’m really don’t know what to say. that’s steep!


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