85. Take a trip to the National Harbor

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Yes, the National Harbor is in fact located in Oxon Hill, MD. Now that we’ve gotten that tiny piece of irony out of the way, let’s move on to more important things.

Like the fact that every Friday & Sunday night during the summer you can take your date or your family to a FREE movie on the Potomac. It’s wonderful finds like these that make it so exciting to live in the DC area.

Just when you think you’ve run out of things to do, you click on 365 Things To Do in DC and the adventure continues.

If movies aren’t your thing, there’s a lot more to see and do at the National Harbor. Some of the highlights include cruises, charters and sightseeing tours, the Sounds of Summer Concert Series and the Uncle Sam Jam which is celebrating its second anniversary this July 4th weekend. 10 bands and DJs performing on the waterfront on Saturday, July 2nd from 2-10 p.m.

The National Harbor will also fit the bill if you’re looking for a romantic evening out.  It’s lovely at night.  You’ll enjoy the fine dining that’s available from the over 20 restaurants, then take a romantic, moon-lit stroll along the Potomac. I’ve done it, so I can attest to the fact that it’s a really enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Another way to take in the Harbor is the ever popular “staycation”.

Celebrate an anniversary, birthday or just some time away from home with a luxurious stay at the flagship Gaylord Resort.

If the Gaylord isn’t your thing (though I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be) you can always reserve at one of the other five hotels on site including the Wyndham National Harbor Resort .  This hotel is particularly nice if you require a great deal more space than a regular hotel would provide. The rooms are essentially suites with kitchens, living rooms and large bedrooms to accommodate a larger number of guests, which is great if you are with family or friends.  What’s more is that you can rent these suites for far less than other high-end resorts.

So once you’re over the fact that you have to drive to Maryland to visit the National Harbor MD, I promise you, there’s a lot in store to ensure your complete enjoyment.

Have a lovely time!

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