52. Mount Vernon Wine Festival

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Is it just me, or is the Virginia wine scene largely underrated?

California gets most of the love when it comes to U.S wines, but you’ll have to admit that a lot of this is due to a tremendous marketing machine and a sort of first-to-the-market advantage that they still enjoy.

Truth is, the DC metro area boasts quite a few wineries that are within a short drive of the city.  And the best way to sample these award-winning Virginia wines is the Mount Vernon Wine Festival.

You’ll get to embrace the warmer weather, while enjoying live jazz as you gaze over the Potomac river.

Ahhh the life!

The Mount Vernon Wine Festival takes place at the beautiful George Washington Mount Vernon House.  While you’re there you’ll be able to tour the rarely opened cellar vaults where George Washington kept his wine.  Very cool!

Must haves:

1) A blanket: Spread it on the lawn as you lay back and sample wines from 16 Virginia wineries.

2) A Designated driver: For obvious reasons.  Cool thing, designated drivers get free soda.

3) Driver’s license: For age verification

This and $35, is all that stands between you and some of the best wine on the east coast.  Saturday May 14th tickets are already sold out but you can still get your hands on Friday and Sunday tickets.  I can taste the wine now.

May 13th-15th

Have a blast at the Mount Vernon Wine Festival and help support Mount Vernon educational initiatives at the same time. Yum!

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2 Responses to “52. Mount Vernon Wine Festival”

  1. Maybe it is underrated, but when I last visited Virginia wine country I was largely underwhelmed by the wines. Compared to my trip to Sonoma last year where I wanted to savor every last drop of the tasting pours, my experience in Virginia resulted in a lot of a dumping and a few good finds. Does that mean I wouldn’t love to try more Virginia wines? Absolutely not. I’d love to try some of the award winning varieties that I’m pretty sure I didn’t come across when I was last in Virginia.

    • rohan says:

      Bahia, hola, thanks for stopping by. Oh I’ve never been to Sonoma country, but I’m itching to get over that way sometime this year. I’ll let you know what I find. Hope http://www.spoonbyte.com/ is going well, I really love what you guys are doing.


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