28. Art You Eat @ minibar by josé andrés

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“Let’s go out to dinner!”

Simple enough, right?

“Yeah, let’s go somewhere fun.”

Oh, shoot.  Not so simple.

Dinner is pretty standard no matter where you go.  You sit, you’re served, you eat, you leave.  So, where in the world do you find dinner that leaves you saying “That was so much fun!”?

We seriously struggled with this for a while.  Literally, we spent hours searching for the perfect experience.  Along the way we discovered some great lounges, awesome bars, and even a few quirky little dinner theaters.  All with great ambiance and atmosphere, but what we were really looking for was fun FOOD.

It seemed like an impossible task to find a meal that was entertaining on its own, but guess what?

We found it!  Can I get a WOOT?!

Our fun fare prayers have been answered by José Andrés and his team at minibar.  From the Cotton Candy Eel to the Fizzy Ball Dessert, it’s like food on acid… in a really really good way.  The team presents a 28-course meal for only 6 diners twice a day.  Did you get all that?  That means make your reservations early, people!  It’s worth it.  This is one of those places where you only need to go once to truly appreciate it.  At least that’s how I justify the price tag of $120 per person.  I know you’re thinking “But I could buy like 120 one-dollar things with that money.”  And to you I say so what?!  Trust me.  You’ll love this (Plus, it’s way cooler than buying 120 dollar store knick-knacks).

Something else to love about this place is that you get to watch the chefs up close as they construct each masterpiece.  It’s a show in itself and it adds even more awesomeness to the whole experience.  Kind of like watching Hell’s Kitchen without all the obscenities and insults being yelled, or dishes being thrown, or risottos being burnt, or… OK, maybe it’s not at all like Hell’s Kitchen, but it’s still really cool!

This is a must-experience thing to do in DC.  Check it out and I dare you not to mention the word “fun”.



405 8th Street NW
Washington D.C., DC 20004
(202) 393-0812

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  1. Bahia says:

    I have been wanting to go to Minibar for a long time! Thanks for sharing the pictures – they are mouth watering!


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