Maryland Seafood Festival Recap

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Hope you enjoy this guest post from Denisio Truitt on behalf of District365 and Ford, who we are proud to be partnering with.  You can catch Denisio on Twitter @DenisioTruitt or on Tumbler: The Ravenous Creator

Upon arrival to the Maryland Seafood Festival we were greeted by Askia, a member of the Fordcast Team who greeted us promptly with two VIP tickets. We headed straight to the Forcast Booth where they gave us some awesome tchotchkes (some drawstring backpacks and Ford Focus Key-chains with microfiber cloths inside).  After being greeted by the rest of the Fordcast team, we were ushered to the test drive vehicle (The new Ford Focus pictured below)

The folks at Ford provided us with a through overview of the car, including the numerous specs and features.  We were really impressed by the fact that the car does 40 mpg on the highway and the Easy Fuel system with no gas cap.  Very cool all around.

Turns out this was Ford’s first hatchback since 2005.  We loved the sporty look and the cushy leather seats that come standard in the titanium model.  Win!

Then there was the extra cool stuff like Voice Activated control which adapts to your style of speech and the LED display on both the drivers dashboard and the center console.

The Ford Focus is a technology rich vehicle which was designed to make driving easier. Once we were out on the road the drive was  smooth given the course. My favorite part of the test drive was the self parallel parking. Once activated all you have to do is slowly ease up on the foot brake and the car will park itself perfectly. It can even gauge whether the car will fit into a spot or not. Perfect for us Washingtonians as parallel parking is a daily event!

After our very thorough test drive, we ventured off into the festival.

We got two crabcake and fried shrimp platters from the Phillips seafood kiosk and a rib platter (I know, blasphemy) from Red Hot and Blue.  The tented area was a relief from the baking sun and the free wine and cold beer was much appreciated. The food was delicious!

The VIP tent was near the performance stage, but not so close that the music was blaring. The band was enjoyable and even played some cover songs that I found myself singing along to (Jessie’s Girl).

The Maryland Seafood Festival was great way to spend my Sunday evening. Thanks to Ford for giving us the VIP treatment.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the test drive!

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