42. See Margot MacDonald in Concert

Posted at March 22, 2011 by 9 Comments

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Do me a favor folks.  You know I don’t ask for much.  I just bring you reviews and a list of awesome things to do in the DC area.  No ads and nothing to sell… just you and I, like old friends, living and sharing memorable DC experiences.

So all I ask is this.

Hit play on the video above and close your eyes for a few moments.  Do it now, I’ll wait.

Okay, tell me that wasn’t awesome.  Every sound you heard was sung by Margot Macdonald, and then looped real time to create the acoustics.  Simply Amazing!

Margot, born in Arlington DC, is a ridiculously talented 19 year old who is slowly starting to get her due.   A five-time Washington Area Music Award winner, Margot MacDonald garnered a taste of national recognition when her self-funded album, Walls, made a short list of possible Grammy nominees for Best Album of the Year.

Yes, a 19 year old DC area native with no album deal, garnered that type of buzz.

Well I haven’t seen her in concert yet, but my opportunity is fast approaching.  You should join me!

Monday, March 28 @ 8:00pm
IOTA Club & Cafe
3832 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA

Only $10.



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9 Responses to “42. See Margot MacDonald in Concert”

  1. Tim says:

    Wow, she reminds me a little of the lead singer from The Cranberries with the things she does with her voice. Amazing song, I’ll see if I can catch her soon in the city.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. rohan says:

    Yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing. It’s almost like she adds a soulful southern flavor to her music. Luckily I got the heads up on twitter about her.

  3. Marge says:

    She’s such a beautiful singer it’s crazy! I saw her perform about a year back in Virginia, and loved her. Didn’t know she had an album out though.

    • rohan says:

      Marge, yeah she put out a self-funded album that folks loved. I think you can get it on her facebook page in the link above. Thanks a mil for stopping by.

  4. Denuine says:

    Looking forward to meeting other 365ThingsToDoDC blog peepz at the show. I always enjoy the company of people who appreciate great music. Rohan, thanks for a great blog!


  5. Will Brown says:

    Massive Attack.


  6. rohan says:

    Very cool.


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