3. Jamaican Food At Tropicanas

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I was almost tempted to start this review with a bad attempt at Jamaican Patois.  Almost.  I won’t waste your time with my usual ramblings.  On to the Jerk chicken!

This post could be wrapped up into 4 words: These folks can cook!

Jerk Chicken, Curry chicken, Fricaseed (Had never heard of it before going there), you name it.  I’ve had all three and enjoyed them each time.  I’m partial to the jerk chicken myself because they spice up their jerk chicken how it’s supposed to be spiced.  The jerk sauce is soaked throughout the meat and not just on the skin.  I’m not the best with spicy food, so even though I love their jerk chicken, it may be a bit on the spicy side for some folks.  If that might be the case for you then go with the curry or fricaseed.

The curry chicken and Fricassed both come to less than $7 for lunch (and that includes a drink).  They also have good rum cake (what would a jamaican spot be without rum cake), plantains, and the other usual jamaican fare.  I like their patties as well, and I enjoyed both the beef and chicken patties (though I think the chicken won).

Cool Tip: If you can get there by 11:45 for lunch, you’ll get food that is freshly cooked.

If this has been on your radar, but you weren’t sure about how it looks on the outside, I say go for it!  With the reggae music on the tv, the super nice folks, and the awesome Jamaican food, you may forget for a minute that you’re not relaxing in Kingston somewhere.

Savor every bite!


725 Florida Avenue NW

Washington D.C

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  1. tim says:

    This place is awesome. I love their jerk chicken too. And the lady at the register is super nice.


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