148. International Spy Museum

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Geeks and history buffs unite!

Most estimates put the number of spies operating in Washington DC at about 10,000.  Well, a trip to the International Spy museum in DC gives you an insider look at how they might operate.

The spy museum is definitely one of the coolest museum experiences in the city and is awesome for kids with interests in spy gadgets and real life adventure stories.

international spy museum

It’s not in the Smithsonian network, so while it’s not free, the James Bondsy exploits, gadgets, interactive spy experiences, and cool displays are more than worth the price of admission.

If you had even a fleeting interest in spies growing up, this is the place to see how things really work.  Who knows, you might be standing next to an international man or woman of mystery as you browse the exhibits.

Suck up the price of admission and check it out.  It’s a truly amazing experience!

800 F St NW
(between N 8th St & N 9th St)
Washington, DC 20004


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  1. PMantis says:

    I was thinking that the D.C. Spy museum must be a White House, Capitol Bldg, or at least by nearby Langely but then I corrected myself from my real-time interpretation. Ah, well if I bring my 90yo ma in her wheelchair with a covert camera which she giddily uses to record her interactions to replay later, will she get detected? She is always thinking up pranks and it keeps her occupied in a very therapeutic way. No threat to homeland security, she is a DAR and proud of it. She’ll get a kick out of me even asking.


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