143. Ice Skating at the Sculpture Garden

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On Day 143 of our list of ridiculously cool Things to do in Washington DC , we’re featuring the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and Ice Rink.

This a ready-made date if you’re romantically inclined.

Seriously, there’s no excuse to break out the typical dinner and movie combo when you can take that special someone ice skating at the sculpture garden.

ice skating sculpture garden

You’ll find the sculpture garden beautifully lit, and even if it gets a little chilly (or your elbows get a little bruised) you can take a break at the Pavilion Cafe and then get right back out there.

For $8 (adults) and $7 (kid dare-devils) you’ll have access to locker rooms and two hours of awesome night time skating at one of DC’s most scenic locations.

Can’t beat that!

Make sure your insurance premiums are paid up, and go out there and have a blast!

Skate and Locker Rentals
Skate rental: $3.00 (ID required)
Locker rental: $0.50 ($5.00 deposit required)

Ice Skating at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
7th St NW Constitution Ave
Washington D.C.,

Photo Credit : Kevharb

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  1. Sander says:

    Thanks for this very informative article. I’ve been planning to take my girlfriend in Washington DC for the longest time. Atleast now I know one place to take her. Hoping to see more suggestions from you!


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