55. Hinckley Pottery Annual Student Show

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We say it every day!

Washington DC is jam-packed with talented artists.

But they didn’t all come out of the womb able to paint, draw, and sculpt (Though it might seem that way sometimes).

They were once talented students, working on honing their skills and looking for opportunities to showcase their talent.

Well here’s a cool little showcase in Washington DC for budding sculpters: The 20th annual Hinckley Pottery Student show is being held at the Hinckley studios in Adams Morgan on Sunday, May 1, 2011.

More than two dozen experienced students will display a year’s worth of work for sale.  Bowls, mugs, and vases, in blues and greens and rust earth tones, minus the scream out loud prices.

Cool Thing: You get to meet the potters in person.  Good luck with that at the Pottery Barn!

Everything’s one-of-a-kind-awesome, so if your Sunday is free…

1707 Kalorama Road NW,
Washington DC

Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 11 a.m. to 50m

Hinckley Pottery Annual Student Show

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  1. selfishyayun says:

    it is a beautiful work of art my friend, must be made with all my heart so that the value of art is so compelling. Artists could make art objects even from a pile of garbage and it is the perfect gift.


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