59. Great Falls Park

Posted at May 5, 2011 by 4 Comments

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Where do you begin?

It feels like you’ve had the city strapped on your back  and you’re looking to get the load off for a bit.  You’ve spent more than enough time at the local watering holes, and sports bars, and cigar lounges…and now you just need a break.

Just a few moments to recharge.  That’s all.

Well today I give you a quick relaxation spot that’s less than 15 miles from Washington DC:

Great Falls Park.

This post was inspired by Kristi’s post over at Live and Love Out Loud as she celebrated the beauty of Missouri.  I thought for a minute and realized that the DC area also has its share of natural beauty.  And the Great Falls Park was the first spot that came to mind.

I love the rocky cliffs, the amazing views, and the chance sighting of birds and exotic looking butterflies (if you’re lucky).  It’s a great spot for hiking and kayaking, or to just relax in the shade with someone you love being around.

Essentials:  Some water, snacks, good shoes, and the $5 park fee per car.  Oh and maybe a camera so you can relive the memories.  And a smile.


Great Falls Park
9200 Old Dominion Dr
Mc Lean, VA 22102
(703) 285-2965

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4 Responses to “59. Great Falls Park”

  1. Love these photos! I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful Great Falls Park is in person. And that butterfly shot? Awesome.
    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Jonez says:

    *adds this to summer to-do list*

  3. Thembisile says:

    mpravo re mixali kaenis kati kinisis pou den exoun logia . ase ta kafe sta spata kai ela ligo apo to n.kozanis . re pedia tis onned akoma ekei kolimenoi re exoun poulisei to mellon sas re ksekoliste ligoooo . ela mixali ptolemaida .. ena nosokomeio pouliete oso oso allla pou mialo esi gia tetia . katharma poulises to mellon mas 4 likes


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