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  1. I’m loving the infographic! Well, I love them in general 🙂

  2. rohan says:

    Glad you like it Bahia! Thanks for stopping by, long time, hope all is well on your end : -)

  3. Davida says:

    Hey Rohan,

    Interesting results! Posted about it:

  4. Regina says:

    Patricia wrote this wonderful arlcite for the September Newsletter. Most of the 8 pages were already filled and I couldn’t find room for the entire work. I was a brutal editor and whittled it down to fit. With apologies I promised to post her arlcite in its entirety here. Although I think I did a respectable job as newsletter editor, Patricia’s style and effervescence is more obvious in the original. EnjoySwan I Won – the saga.Patricia CookThe Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s annual Lake Erie Boat Float is a wild celebration of creativity and environmental consciousness raising. The goal is to educate people about the problems of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. The challenge issued is to create a sail-able boat out of recyclable post-consumer use TRASH. If you have never seen it, you owe it to yourself to check out their websites and view pictures of the remarkable water crafts people have created for it and maybe even go and cheer on your favorite entry next year!Last year the FOWL craft entry was a remarkably sea worthy catamaran fashioned mainly out of two rows of joined empty plastic barrels. Old lawn chairs were attached with used oxygen tubing to provide seating for Helen and Scott, our intrepid crew. Although the good ship FOWL 2 and her well seasoned crew made a fine showing, we did not win the coveted junk trophy that year. To the total chagrin of our entire boat team, we were, as Daryl blithely put it, “out-cheated by the boy scouts”! The shame of it all!!!!!!!But we then had an entire year to lick our wounds and plot and plan.This summer our team regrouped with a renewed determination that THIS YEAR we would prevail!!!!! Although most of our first thoughts were of ways to modify our last year’s entry to make it more streamlined and faster, we were soon diverted away from that plan. Our fearless leader, Ray, announced that we should make it into a swan and go for STYLE points. Although I did not embrace this idea fully at first, we all humored him, as is appropriate whenever encountering a totally crazy person with wildly impractical ideas. But soon we were all totally devoted to the creation of Swan I – we were focused to create a craft of beauty and grace! We dedicated our efforts to the memory of our friend Dr Wallace Wendt – a wonderful man who had worked to restore the Trumpeter Swan back to the wilds of Ohio.The day of the race was rapidly approaching. Everyone had many other commitments; everyone always has far too many things to do. If boats could be built from excuses, we would have had an entire fleet ready for the race at this point! But somehow we all eventually managed to make time. Our team toiled mightily at construction – and even more mightily at enjoying the many good dinners and beverages and the wonderful camaraderie that ensued! Every aspect of this craft posed new challenges, and our team worked (well, actually, played!) together to invent solutions. Thus, the stack of barrels that once contained teat dip and udder disinfectant became the nearly unsinkable base of the boat. Swani’s lovely wings were cut from plastic originating from those same barrels and stomped, heated, and sliced to attempt to straighten them (but they look better curled anyway!). Her very personable face was hand molded and taped together from a bleach bottle and black Styrofoam grocery trays, her far-gazing eyes from beer bottle caps, her graceful long neck from dryer vent tubing, an old tomato cage, and yards of ripped up old sheet and white Duck (oops – SWAN) Tape. Our pile of worthless trash became a beautiful swan of epic proportions! Ugly ducklings everywhere, take heart!!!!!!!Our maiden voyage/test float on the Tomko pond was exhilarating! She handled surprisingly well, and rode far above the waterline even with two people on board. AND she was easily the very most beautiful boat I have ever seen in my life. Sigh. We hooted and cheered and patted ourselves and each other on our backs until our arms were sore. We had done it!However, we still had much to do. Transporting Swani’s nine-and-a-half foot expanse provided still more challenges. How would we transport her to the water’s edge from the parking lot at Edgewater? How could we ensure that her long neck and delicate head will not suffer the rush of the wind as she flies down the highway at 70 mph on the way to the race? We nestled her snugly into the back of Alan’s pickup truck and braced and tied and bungied her securely in place, and waited for the big day.On the day of the race a cold front had moved in. It churned Lake Erie into a surfer’s paradise with waves righteous and gnarley that threatened to turn the junk craft entries into flotsam and jetsam – back into, well, TRASH! Although huge piles of trash washing up on the beach MIGHT have helped drive home the awareness of the plastic trash problem, the danger to the boats’ crews was obvious. The fact that the life guards did not want to go out on the water also did not bode well for this race. So, instead of allowing the race to go on and risking having to award the trophies posthumously, the actual race was cancelled. This did not scare the incredibly talented people and their wacky inventive junk crafts away, and it in no way dampened the enthusiasm of the crowd. The crafts were judged while the boats rested safely on the lawn near the park shelter, taking into consideration best use of materials, artistic effort, recyclability and the stories behind the scenes of each craft. The competition was brutal, but Swani was hands down the most beautiful of all! Thus, Swan I WON “Most Artistic” craft! We didn’t even have to get wet!!!Now the saga continues. Swani is so wonderful that we could not even think of turning her over to the recycler at the end of the competition – no one could stand the idea of such a brave and wondrous creature meeting such a sad end. So we trucked her home again – she found a welcome place in Mike’s front yard where she proudly confounds his neighbors and passersby. Our plan is to register her as a home-made boat and take her to future events. The adventure lives!!!!!!! You, too, could be lucky enough to ride the Swan I – just come to the OWA Jamboree next June!!!!!!!Thanks to everyone on our team who brought their special talents and enthusiasm to our quest! Mike, a man of sheer engineering genius, was often the star and savior of our team. Because of Mike, Swani’s lovely wings will not fall off, and his dagger board creation helps stabilize her so that WE will not tip over and fall off, as well! Besides working on the construction of the boat itself, Tim did the lovely signage that identified Swan I as not JUST another ordinary big swan boat! Helen, our seasoned salty dog who has crewed on all of our boat entries so far, gave invaluable advice as she and Pierre the maniacal marshmallow poodle oversaw and worked to keep our boat a floatable craft. Carol helped me with the arduous task of swanifying the long length of dryer vent tubing that made up Swani’s lovely neck, as well as braving the even more arduous job of keeping me on task! Alan not only allowed us the use of his pond and yard as the perfect creative space, he also added his input at our brainstorming sessions, transported Swani to the event, and made for us the best marinara sauce ever from fresh tomatoes he had just picked out of his garden! (yum!) And last but certainly not least our fearless leader Ray provided the genius of the swan concept and guided us all into the vision of what became the most beautiful and soulful junk boat to ever grace the shores of the great Lake Erie – perhaps he is not such a crazy man after all!!!Thank you SO much, Swan team – being a part of this adventure was an extraordinary experience and I loved every challenge, every new idea, every laugh, every bad joke, every impromptu feast, every part of it!!!!SO – when can we get started on NEXT year’s entry?????


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