123. Fela at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

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The Play.

The Musical.

The tremendous buzz!

Many of us have never heard of it, and admittedly I haven’t checked it out yet. Yet!

However, in countless conversations in the past few weeks I’ve heard about how great the play is and why I should definitely make my way to the Shakespeare Theatre Company tout de suite. (Thanks to habitual line stepper @YonnieTaughtU for the push to add this to the blog)

I will make it. Promise.  But before it gets too far into the production cycle I wanted to share it with you.

I watched a few clips online to get a general feel of the story and it does look magical.  Amazing choreoraphy, great music, and some stellar performances.  I’m shooting for this weekend.

You have until October 9th to get there.

Go here for more info and to get your hands on some tickets.  Shakespeare Theatre Company.

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  1. I had the opportunity of meeting the cast of Fela! I instantly fell in love with all of them. They’re amazing actors and I’d give anything to see them perform live.


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