57. DC Embassy Open House

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Imagine…by the end of this post, you could be planning a trip to Embassy row for the Passport DC Embassy open house.

It’s a celebration folks.  Of international culture, exotic food, and of our shared experiences on this earth regardless of where we happen to call “home-home”.

By the end of this two week long open house you would have met people from all over the world and spent some time reflecting on the things that make us similar.  And different.

And you’ll smile at the realization that it’s really all good either way.

Dc embassy Open House food

The DC Embassy open house is an annual celebration of international culture that goes much further than just touring buildings.  You’ll sample amazing international foods and enjoy artistic performances, talks, and other cultural events.

An of course you’re getting ready (if this is your first time) to be amazed at the variety of architectural styles prevalent in buildings from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

At the Passport DC Embassy Open House, you’ll walk Massachusetts Ave., Connecticut Ave. and 16th Street as you explore the same beautiful buildings that you’ve probably driven past so many times.

Get out there and learn, and laugh, and eat, and talk, and dance, and help promote genuine global citizenship.  With the events of recent days I think this experience is more needed than ever.

Have a blast!

Dates: May 7 – 24, 2011

Get more details on the official site: DC Embassy Open House.

Photo Credits: Marcellina & Mr T in DC

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