102. DC Cupcake Camp

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Thanks to Nicole @discojing on Twitter and Discojing.com for sharing this fun experience and opportunity to give back with the District365 audience.

Everywhere you turn these days you hear about being authentic.

About being true to who you are.

And sometimes, being you, just means yielding to your natural desires for cupcakes.  Who doesn’t love them?  No, seriously, name one person that doesn’t like cupcakes.  I’ll wait.

In the meanwhile, I want to share a way for you to get your cupcake fix while raising awareness (and $$) for an awesome charity.

Cupcake Camp DC 2011

Cupcake camp raises awareness for a charity of the city’s choosing.

Each year, the charity changes and this year it’s DC Candlelighters Child Cancer Foundation, a non-profit support group for families with children with cancer in the D.C. Metro area.

DC Cupcake Camp happens on September 24th, in the middle of Child Cancer Awareness Month.  All proceeds are donated to charity.

So bring your own cupcakes and/or sample other cupcakes to your heart’s desire.  A fun and worthwhile event.  Have a blast!

DC Cupcake Camp

Local  16
1602 U Street
Northwest-Washington D.C.


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8 Responses to “102. DC Cupcake Camp”

  1. Wow! i had never heard of this Camp before, i am sure it is going to be a great experience, will surely plan a trip to DC in September. Thanks Rohan for sharing it here..

  2. Flashynista says:

    As a new implant to the area. I am looking forward to see what fun things I can participate in.

    • rohan says:

      Yay, welcome to D.C, hope you enjoy the city, there is a lot of really cool stuff to get into. Appreciate your stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the feature Rohan! Hope to see you or some of your followers/readers this year!

  4. Aby says:

    I absolutely fell in love with these poms when they were used at my baby sheowr this past March! These cupcake flags would have been a great addition to my party had we known about them sooner! These flags would be great for any party! I think I might use them at the Open House night at my school or during parent teacher conferences in the Fall. The colors are so vibrant that they make me think of changing leaves! I would love to make some tasty treats to stick them in on conference night to make the night a whole lot sweeter!

  5. Gautam says:

    I never liked the big girl panties thing (not only bascuee the phrase contains the word panties, which I detest). You deal with things every day that doesn’t mean you should try to console yourself in whatever way works whether it’s venting or working out, or cupcakes and Maker’s Mark. Dealing with things should bring some reward somewhere. Here’s to cupcakes!


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