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So on one particularly rainy day in DC, I wondered aloud on Twitter about what I should eat for lunch.

I stumbled across @chixdc and thought I would drop by to check out their Peruvian chicken.  I was pleasantly surprised at the cool vibe of the place, the sweet prices, and the downright amazing food!

Here’s a quick look at this awesome new joint right in the heart of U street.

Chix DC is a brightly colored (love the green) casual little dining spot that fits perfectly in the area.  There’s no huge storefront, so it feels more like you’re stopping by a friend’s home (a friend with cool taste in colors that is!)

I love that fact that they use hormone-free meat, veggies, and dairy products, and all of their packaging is environmentally friendly.  Awesome, but how was the chicken?

It was great! (As you can see from the pic, I started eating and forgot to take a picture.  I had to re-arrange the food to take this pic!)  Sorry : -)

Their Peruvian Chicken was lovingly seasoned and came with three flavors of homemade salsas.  I couldn’t decide so they gave me all three!

My entire meal picture here was $6.50.  Word is, they have some great wraps, roasted potatoes, and terrific happy hour specials.

Oh, and about that rain, they even gave me a huge bag to cover my head as I ran back to work.  The folks there were lovely, the prices great, and the food awesome!   I’ll definitely be back.

Check out Chix DC here:

2019 11th St NW
(between N U St & N V St)
Washington, DC 20001


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  1. Mary says:

    I live just a few blocks from there and love the place! I need to head over there this week for some grub.


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