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Posted at December 4, 2011 by 1 Comment

148. International Spy Museum

Editor's Note: Go here to Win Four Tickets to the International Spy Museum Geeks and history buffs unite! Most estimates put the number of spies operating in Washington DC at about 10,000.  Well, a trip to the International Spy museum in ...

139. DC Foto Week 2011

Day 139 on our journey through the finest 365 Things to do in DC I can get my hands on. Today's entry is the highly-anticipated fourth annual DC Foto Week, DC's largest and most vibrant photography festival. From Nov 5th-12th, go be inspired by a week-long exhibition by professional and award-winning photographers staged ...

Posted at November 09, 2011 by 4 Comments

137. Frederick Douglas Mansion

So on day 137 of 365 Things to do in DC I wanted to share this little out of the way experience from a personal hero of mine. Frederick Douglass, statesman, abolitionist,  and advisor to President Lincoln, bought his Anacostia mansion during his tenure as United States Marshall in the ...

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136. Mingle in the Museum – Asian 2 American

So on Day 136 of our epic journey of 365 Things to do in DC I thought you might want to check out the Potraits after Dark event at the Smithsonian.   This time around the focus is on Asian artists and the awesome new Asian American portrait exhibition.

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125. Art all Night Washington DC | Nuit Blanche DC

Art All Night : Nuit Blanche DC is an all-night exploration and celebration of contemporary art, stretching from the heart of Chinatown to the Shaw neighborhood. Art All Night (Nuit Blance DC) was conceived by Ariana Austin. Spellbound by a similar event in Paris, Ariana was excited by the thought ...

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112. Portraits after 5 Happy Hour at the National Portrait Gallery

Thanks to Fisola Fasehun, our awesome new guest writer, for this post on the Free Potraits after 5 Happy Hour to be held this Friday, September 2, from 6 to 9 p.m. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is probably my favorite museum in DC.  From ...

Posted at August 30, 2011 by 2 Comments

89. Jazz at the Sculpture Garden

Sometimes I kick myself for being tardy in discovering something awesome that everyone else already seems to know about. Other times, I just roll with it and thank my lucky stars that I discovered it at all. The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden- Jazz in the Garden falls into… neither ...

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88. Freer Gallery of Art

It's a little under the radar compared to the higher profile Smithsonian galleries, but the Freer Gallery of art is a great collection of Asian art and sculpture. Take in the Buddhist sculptures, Japanese screens, and fairly extensive Indian art collection. The Freer art Gallery is a bit off the beaten path ...

Posted at July 03, 2011 by 3 Comments
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73. National Museum of Natural History

So I'm a bit of a naturalist at the core.  In the broadest sense of the word.  If you're anything like me, you're awestruck at the beauty of life, the wonders of evolution, and our shared history with the many life forms that are no longer here on earth. The ...

Posted at June 05, 2011 by 1 Comment
Category : Featured,Museums
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71. Library of Congress

One of my new year's resolutions for this year was to get out into the city and experience some of the iconic DC landmarks.  You know, those places that those of us living in the DC area may write off as too touristy. Well, most of those locations turned out to ...

Posted at May 28, 2011 by 3 Comments