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122. BCG Farmer’s Market Wine Tasting Festival

Is it just me, or is the Maryland wine scene largely underrated? California gets most of the love when it comes to U.S wines, but there are quite a few wonderful wineries in the Maryland and Virginia that deserve their just ...

121. Top 10 Things to do in DC This fall for Families

Now that October is upon us, it is time to put away your open-toed shoes, grab your new sweaters and jackets and look forward to Autumn because the Washington DC area is beautiful and even more picturesque this time of the year. For those travelers planning to visit our nation's ...

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Maryland Seafood Festival Recap

Hope you enjoy this guest post from Denisio Truitt on behalf of District365 and Ford, who we are proud to be partnering with.  You can catch Denisio on Twitter @DenisioTruitt or on Tumbler: The Ravenous Creator Upon arrival to the Maryland Seafood Festival we were greeted by Askia, a member ...

Posted at September 18, 2011 by 1 Comment

118. H Street Festival DC 2011

Thanks to Fisola Fasehun, our awesome new guest writer, for this post on H Street Festival DC, held on September 17, from noon to 7 pm, on H St. between 8th and 14th Street NE. H Street is one of the up and ...

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116. Maryland Seafood Festival Ticket Giveaway

Are you free this weekend?  Well, the Fordcast Tour is currently making its way across the country and the next stop is the Maryland Seafood Festival on September 10-11.  We're happy to be working with Ford to bring you two free tickets. At the Maryland Seafood Festival you'll enjoy great local ...

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114. Fashion’s Night Out Georgetown

Thanks to Fisola Fasehun, our awesome new guest writer, for this post on Fashion's Night Out to be held on September 8, 2011 in Georgetown. It’s often said that DC is a place where fashion goes die. While the sea of button-downs, khaki shorts and ...

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111. Attend the Verizon Wireless American Music Festival with The Fordcast Tour

So are you free for Labor Day Weekend?  How does four free tickets to the largest outdoor Music Fest on the East Coast sound? The Verizon Wireless American Music Festival to introduce the new Ford Focus is in full swing across the United States.  The team at Ford got in ...

Posted at August 24, 2011 by 4 Comments

109. DMV Africans Late Registration Cookout

So, I've been a fan of the folks over at DMV Africans for some time, and I think you'll enjoy their Late Registration Cookout on Sunday August 21st in Greenbelt Md. Before I get into the details about the cookout, I thought I would share a bit about the crew at ...

Posted at August 20, 2011 by 6 Comments

98. DC Asian Festival 2011

So this is a bit of a last minute event, held Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th.  I would have missed it if not for @hammylatkes over at Hamhocksandlatkedrops. Read on to check out the DC Asian Festival 2011. Okay, so here I ...

Posted at July 23, 2011 by 1 Comment

World Media Awards Nomination: The Hungry Muse

This is a quick post to announce our nomination of DC Food Blog: The Hungry Muse for the World Media Awards. So this is a bit of an out of town post, but I thought it would be great to use this opportunity to nominate one of our favorite DC ...

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