34. Capitol Hill Coffee | Peregrine Espresso

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There’s something about coffee shops that put me in a good mood.  Perhaps it’s the cool laid back vibe of the people I meet there.  I always picture easy-going hipster-like folks with plaid pants, cool Samuel L Jackson hats, and slightly unkempt goaties.

Whatever it is, I’ve always been a coffee shop lover.

So when our friend Julia told us to make sure we check out Peregrine Espresso for some Capitol Hill coffee I was sold.  Here’s our warm Spring Saturday evening trip for some Peregrine coffee in DC.

We walked in and were immediately greeted with a warm “hello”  by one of the baristas.  Good start.  But the first thing that really struck me was how bright and cheery it was inside.  Surprisingly bright.  The huge glass facade and the wall colors made it feel like a lovely sunny spring day on the inside.

We stood in line right next to the pastries and fun teas and tried to resist the urge to order one of everything.  We had already eaten so there was no room for pastries this time around.  But next trip…yum!

The tasty looking baked goods  included oatmeal & cranberry cookies, muffins, and shortbread.

Here’s a quick shot of the menu to get an idea of the prices.  Prices include taxes, so a $3.25 cappuccino, actually costs $3.25.  Crazy I know. And not bad for Capitol Hill coffee.  Their drinks are all one size too.  Another brilliant idea!

After ordering a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, we just lounged around a bit until our drinks were ready.   The drinks are individually brewed to order (see the little white brewing thingys in the pic above).  After everything I had heard about this place, and my experience so far, I expected their drinks to be good.

But no one warned me that they were going to be this good!

I mean seriously, insanely, are-you-freaking-kidding-me good!  It’s like the taste leapt up out of the cups and bitch-slapped me across the face with its glove.  All disrespectful like.

To be clear, we didn’t actually drink our drinks right away.  Peregrine isn’t the type of spot where  you get your drinks and then melt into a nice color-faded sofa.  There are a few inside tables, but it’s really too small for that type of dedicated lounging.   So we headed to an outside table to enjoy our Capitol Hill coffee.

We took a quick sip of each drink and gave each other a knowing smile.  That first sip did it for me.   The foam was so smooth and intoxicating, I almost couldn’t tell where it ended and the drink began.

It really was an awesome experience.  I  leaned back in my chair like a king and slowly sipped on my hot chocolate and watched the Eastern Market folks walk by.  It was a Capitol Hill coffee lover’s dream.

Good to the last dreamy drop!

I’ll say this right here, before the world!  (And if this changes, I promise to update this post).

These were the single best Cappuccino AND Hot chocolate that I’ve ever had.


Even if you don’t think you can tell the difference between good and great coffee, this experience will change everything.  An awesome shop, friendly staff, and an attention to detail with drinks that would make Picasso blush.

Life doesn’t get much better than this.  My only question for the staff is why no Samuel L Jackson hats?

Get your fix of Peregrine Espresso here:

660 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington DC 20003

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12 Responses to “34. Capitol Hill Coffee | Peregrine Espresso”

  1. Dani James says:

    Damn, Rohan! I’m on my way!!!!

  2. Jonez says:

    Loved this review. I spy Vosges chocolate on display. One of my absolute favorite brands.

  3. Wow, that’s some amazing-looking coffee. I’m a huge cafe fan myself, so it’s good to know where I can get a decent cup of espresso – something I find only very rarely in America.

    I wanted to comment about the chocolates too – I saw some of my favorite brands there, especially Vosges and Taza. Vosges does a fantastic job of integrating really solid ingredients, like putting New Orleans chicory coffee (Creole Bar) or coconut and macadamia (Woolloomooloo). And Taza has the most unique texture of any chocolate I’ve ever tried, since it processes its beans using stone mills. If you get a chance, you should definitely try them out.

    • rohan says:

      Yeah, apparently Vosges gets high reviews. I’ll add Taza to the list as well. Never heard of chocolate processed using stone mills so that sounds really cool. Thanks a lot Edmund, much appreciated info.

      • Ada says:

        – Thanks Meghan! I am currently using a Canon 5D Mark II, but some of the piuctres on my blog were taken with other cameras it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted I mostly use Adobe Lightroom for editing I *love* it and highly recommend it.

  4. Muhammad says:

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