51. Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra

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So today’s entry is almost an accident in its own right.  I was a huge fan of the Washington Women in Jazz Festival organized by pianist Amy K. Bormet held earlier this year.

It was seriously awesome!

Turns out through the alignment of the cosmos, and a chance meeting on Amy’s twitter, that Amy is also a member of an orchestra that performs at The  Bohemian Caverns every Monday night at 8pm.

Well I wanted to share this with you in case you’re able to make it out tonight.

The Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra is a 17 piece big band co-founded by baritone saxophonist Brad Linde, trumpeter Joe Herrera and club owner Omrao Brown.

Every Monday night, they perform to a lively crowd of DC folks.  Expect soul stirring music from the Greats like Ellington, Basie, Strayhorn, Maria Schneider sprinkled in with original music from band members.

You’re in for a treat tonight if you can make it out.

There will be a live recording, so I expect things to be especially fun.  If you can’t make it out tonight, they perform every Monday from 8pm-11pm.  Next Monday (4/18) will be big as well, since it’s their one year anniversary.

Grab a friend and enjoy the magic!


2001 11th St. N.W
Washington DC
(Corner of 11th and U)

Price:  Only $7.  {if you’re from the DC open mike scene, you already know how to respond to this!}

Grab your tickets to the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra.

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7 Responses to “51. Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra”

  1. Amy K Bormet says:

    Thanks for the nod Rohan! Hope to see you at the Caverns soon!

  2. Andry says:

    Oh I love this orchestra. Dc has so many talented musicians it’s unbelievable. I’ll try to catch them soon again.

    Awesome blog by the way!

    • Rohan says:

      Andry, you’re right, it’s amazing all the talent in this little city. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Mark Stringer says:

    I’ve seen them in concert and had an awesome time. I can’t believe the entire thing is only $7. Will def check them out again.

  4. rohan says:

    Mark, Yup, it’s a great price to catch professional musicians. Glad you stopped by, much appreciated.


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