58. Bloombars Washington DC

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Bloombars is the best thing ever created…since dinosaurs.  I would have gone with sliced bread myself, but I do try to stay away from worn out analogies.

So dinosaurs it is!

And we’re not talking, late epoch dinosaurs.  We’re talking dinosaurs from the precambrian era.  That’s how much this place rocks!

An arts space, meets dance studio, meets open mic lounge, meets independent film theatre, and on and on…Bloombars is simply one of the most unique locations in Washington DC.

The space is run by a volunteer group of artists and community leaders who believe strongly in the power of the arts to improve the community.  They are a small, yet passionate group, and in less than 3 years their work and love has grown Bloombars into a haven for indie artists and veteran performers alike.

Somehow they’ve captured that quirky unpolished vibe that you used to admire in your favorite underground artist before they signed a major label deal.  The spot is small, intimate, and comfortable enough that it’s almost like the artists stopped by to see you and not the other way around.

I recently took in a show there and it felt like I was hanging out at a friend’s home for the evening.  A friend who just happens to know some crazy good singers, had an off the wall sense of decor, and thought it would be fun to invite a few people over to jam out to some live music.

Go without expecting this to be like any bar you’ve ever been to. (There’s no alcohol).

Go without expecting swanky digs and plush leather sofas. (There’s none of that either).

Go without expecting…well anything really.

Because chances are, even after reading this review, any expectations you hold onto are still going to be blown to smithereens.

Oh and their sound system is run from a boat.  Yup, since dinosaurs.

3222 11th St NW
(between N Kenyon St & N Lamont St)
Washington, DC 20010


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9 Responses to “58. Bloombars Washington DC”

  1. Tim says:

    Been there for one of their dance classes and had a great time. This is definitely a unique place in the city, but you put it better.

    • rohan says:

      Thanks for stopping by Tim. Yeah, definitely one of the coolest performance spaces in the city if you ask me. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. maryann says:

    I’ve been hearing more about these guys and just started following them on twitter. I plan to check them out for their Monday happy hours, heard a lot about those.


  3. We love BloomBars! It is an all ages space (so no happy hour) which is great for the community. I love going on Mondays because of open mic and you never know what talent will take the stage and I am always pleasantly surprised.

    • rohan says:

      Krystal, yeah I’m looking forward to checking it out on a Monday night some time very soon. Heard great things about their open mic. I went on a Thursday for live music and it was awesome.

  4. Bloom Bars sounds great. It’s a really cool idea. I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but I hope to make it soon.


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