50. Bike DC Community Bike Ride

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Coolest DC bike ride?  That’s a question I’ve been asked before and I usually answered with biking the monuments at night.  Well I recently stumbled onto another contender by way of a twitter friend and thought it would be an awesome addition to our list.

Bike DC community ride is a cool go-slow ride ( not a race) where you’ll get to see Washington DC and Arlington like you’ve never seen it before.

No Traffic!

Yup, roads are closed off to traffic for this ride, so it will just be you, your friends, and nothing but awesome open road for you to enjoy.

The ride begins on the National Mall in front of the U. S. Capitol.  You’ll bike up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and cross the Potomac River into Virginia onto I-66.  There’s absolutely no rush, and you can plan to stop and take pictures at the viewpoints along the way.  There will be some amazing views!

Kid Friendly

Children 12 years old and younger bike for free. Children on their own bicycles, tag-along bikes and in trailers are very welcome to participate. There will be short cuts built into the route for those who would like a shorter ride than twenty miles.

If you need to rent a bike, the folks at  Rock and Roll have you covered.  May 22nd folks!  Register below and help support the DC biking community.

It’s going to be an awesome ride and I guarantee you that you’ll meet some cool peeps!


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