126. Barracks Row Festival 2011

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Barracks Row Festival

The annual Barracks row festival is here again.  Time flies like  like the wind.  This Saturday, 24th of September, East Capitol turns into a vibrant celebration of all things Barracks Row.

Bars will be overflowed to the sidewalks and you’ll enjoy a host of events that kick off at 7 am and go into the night.

barracks row festival

If you’re an early riser, you can catch the Armed Forces cookoff, and then get warmed up for the variety of other events.

Petting Zoo for the kiddies. Check.

Live Music from the Marine Corps. Check.

Performances from the Shakespeare Theatre and the Trapeze School of New York.

Check, check, and check!

Should be a really fun day with a lot to see and experience.  Hope you have a blast!  Go here for more details on the Barracks Row Festival:  http://www.barracksrow.org/

Photo Credits: Albert Barnes

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  1. biangzi says:

    This is a must see for me! It looks so fun and alive. Hope I can be there one of this days , a vacation for myself.


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