Meet Angela B. Pan, Photographer and Travel Blogger

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Today’s post is the second in our Small Business Spotlight series that focuses on the very best and brightest of Washington DC.  In our quest to find the 365 most awesome things to do in DC, we felt we needed to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the amazing people that help make this great city better.

Meet Angela B. Pan, acclaimed travel blogger and landscape photographer.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How might our readers know you?

Thanks for the opportunity.  Well my readers can travel vicariously through my blog.  Each day, I post a new high-definition picture that transports folks around Washington D.C and on my travels as far as the sunny sands of Mexico.

What do you enjoy most about blogging and/or sharing your passion?

I really enjoy connecting with my readers.  I love it when they comment and we can have a conversation.  I feel as though I make new friends everyday.

What are some of your favorite spots in DC/MD/VA to get your inspirational juices flowing?

I’m starting to enjoy the more natural places of the DMV.  Places like Great Falls Park and Alexandria VA really get me excited to shoot.  On top of all that, I love waking up early in the morning to shoot. Watching the sunrise is an amazing way to start the day.

What do you think people like about your blog/service so much? What makes it unique?

I think people enjoy my adventures. They like being swept away to a new place, even if it is just for a minute. Not only do I blog pictures, but I try to make a new video every week when I go to a new place , so you feel like you are right there with me.

So what fun things are you working on these days?

I just came out with my very first downloadable workbook! WOOP WOOP!!  Now, anyone who is passionate about photography can improve their images by adding more color and details.   Check it out at

Are there any emerging trends you’re seeing for your field?

I think the most exciting thing is the fact that photographers are starting to use social media more.  It’s fun getting to know the people behind the pictures.

Any fun, crazy, outrageous, or just plain cool thing about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?

Studies show that if you don’t read everyday, you may break your mama’s back.  (Editors Note: We can confirm this to be true!)

A bit more about Angela and her technique

I am a DC native to the core.  My interest in photography started when I was in high school and continued while I was at VCU (art education and art history) and GMU (marketing).

I’ve always loved to travel and I really wanted to find a way where I could make it my living. Photography was the perfect piece to the puzzle.

I’ve been actively taking landscape and nature images for about a year now and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Future goal: some how make it overseas with my photography and to take a road trip around the US

Why are Angela’s photos so amazing?

Angela uses a process called High Dynamic Range (HDR) where multiple exposures are combined to get a more accurate perception of what the eye sees.  You can see more of her amazing work and purchase framed pictures here

Simply the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen of the White House.

Angela, how might our readers best stay connected with you?

Connect with me on my blog: or any one of these social media spots:

Twitter: @abpanphoto

Thanks a lot for doing this Angela.  We’re great fans of your work and want to thank you for all you do to advance the visual arts.

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