District365  is our homegrown list of 365 things to do in Washington DC.  We are just regular folks who are dedicated to having unique experiences in the city.   You won’t find those overpriced generic locations here.  We focus on experiences that reflect the heart and soul of Washington DC and that are woven into the fabric of this amazing city.

The plan is to reveal a new thing to do every day for the next 365 days.  This will be like your own little Washington DC Renaissance.

I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog and join us on this amazing journey.

Let the fun begin!

Take a minute to meet the Leadership Team

Rohan-Chief Bar Lounger in Residence

Rohan is an accountant in Washington DC.  One of his new year’s resolutions (I know, I know…) was to get out more and experience new things.  He made a commitment to do just that. But what’s a commitment if you don’t tell other people about it? So to hold himself to his resolution (for a change) he decided to blog about those experiences.  Remember, these are just his opinion.  He is by no means a nightlife/culinary expert, so your mileage may vary. Besides that tiny disclaimer, expect a new experience each day. Enjoy the ride!

Vida-Head Enjoyer of Nice Things

Vida is is a techno-geek and student getting ready for that long arduous trek to a career in medicine.  She is a wine and food enthusiast and loves checking out new spots in the city.  Somehow she signed up to help bring this little blog to life and to help us broaden our horizons.  Trust us, you wouldn’t want to see what the experiences would be like if  we left this up to Rohan.  Vida is happy to be on board and when not stomping through DC, you can catch her spending time with Kitty.

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