77. Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market

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In honor of the fun summer we’ve been having in D.C, and because we’ve been working on a few other projects, posts have slowed down around these parts.

I know, it hurt us too.

But fear not fair maidens and gents.  We’re back.  And back with the newest farmer’s market in the city, the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market.

Let the awesomeness begin!

So, every Saturday until December 17th, 2011 the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace will be in full bloom:  a mixture of great fruits and vegetables, dancing, cooking demonstrations, and a host of diverse community centered events.  Sounds good right?

And when they said community centered they meant it.  The market is WIC and Food Stamp ready and thus makes fresh, local food affordable to everyone.  A community Farmer’s Market that actually caters to the entire community…who knew?

Plus who couldn’t do with some Rhubarb every now and again? (Okay, I’ve never had Rhubarb, but you have to admit it looks downright delicious!)

So go and enjoy the fruits.  Enjoy the vegetables.  Enjoy the cooking.

And enjoy the feeling of not only getting great food, but supporting local producers, AND helping make healthy food accessible to all members of the community.

Good deal all around!

Check out the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market the next Saturday you’re free.  Props to the folks at DC Food For all for helping make this a reality.  I think this is one of the summer’s best additions to the city and before the season’s out, I’ll be getting my hands on some Rhubarb.

Civic Plaza,
14th Street & Park Road, NW
Every Saturday 9 am to 2pm


Photo Credit: Mr T in DC

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