60. Fojol Brothers Food Truck

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Behold! From henceforth let not thyself be troubled.  For on this day, Friday May 6 in the year two thousand and eleven, we hereby declare across the land, that each Friday shall be now known as

Food Truck Friday!

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s a perfect time to kick this off.  Our inaugural Food Truck entry is Fojol Brothers...Let the games begin!

In the land of the bland, the man with a bit of color is king!  With large mustaches, blaring circus music, over-the-top personalities, and a weird looking silver truck, The Fojol Brothers win on personality alone.

Thankfully, they also have the grub to back it up.

The food: Slightly westernized Indian food but good nonetheless.  They recently were named one of the Top 10 food trucks in the country in a recent poll.  So if you have a taste for curry chicken, lentils, chick peas, buttered chicken, cauliflower and more, you can mix and match and build yourself a meal.

It’s interesting that these folks can create more fun in the few minutes it takes you to order than many of the brick and mortar restaurants out there.  You’ve probably heard their music as they drove by at some point.  See if you can track down the Fojol Brothers Food Truck on their website and check them out.



Looking for more foodie stuff.  I recently stumbled across this awesome DC area blog: http://justfergie.com/

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