53. Washington DC Carnival

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The third largest Caribbean Carnival in the United States is right here in DC!  Are you trying to roll?

Maybe you’re a visitor to DC and you’re just about tired of monuments.

Perhaps you’re a DC resident with an irresistible urge to soak up as much international flavor as you can.

Or, you’re a card-carrying member of the Caribbean massive that descends on Georgia Avenue every year to get a taste of “home”!

Kudos either way!  Just being here tells me that you’re down for crazy street parties, thumping Caribbean music, and a sea of smiling faces under colorfully designed over-sized headgear, with their owners wearing as little as legally allowed.

How could you not be down? Add the Washington DC Carnival to your calendar, update your android app, or scribble a reminder on that To Do List that keeps falling off your fridge. You know the one.

Seriously, there are only so many cigar bars and comfy leather sofa’d lounges that your sanity can take : – )

The Washington DC Carnival needs you this year!  The carnival is going through a bit of financial straits right now (who isn’t) so if you’ve never been, this is the year.

Not a Soca music addict? Not into pulsing reggae music? Not a problem.  Just grab a camera and go for the experience.  But if  you are into Caribbean music then…

(jump) jump around de place, (jump) i want to pelt my waist
(jump) jumpin up and down, (jump) even on de ground
(jump) jumpin in de band, (jump) and raising meh hand

Georgia Avenue Peeps! It’s going to be epic!

June 25-26, 2011

Check out the Washington DC Carnival site for more details on the events, concerts, and performances for the weekend.  Have a blast!

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3 Responses to “53. Washington DC Carnival”

  1. Will the seafood fest still be held this weekend with all of the rain?

  2. rohan says:

    I believe so, yes.

  3. Bkhtyar says:

    Wow! Great thnigink! JK


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