41. Red Hook Lobster Truck

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Lobster? From a Truck?  For $15?  And I’ll have to stand in line outside?  Okay, you’ve got be kidding me.   Wait, you’re serious!

Yup.  As serious as I’ve ever been while running across a parking lot dressed in a suit and tie for one of their Connecticut lobster rolls.  Don’t ask.

Red Hook is one of my favorite food trucks in the DC area.  The folks that run the truck are friendly and
accommodating, and their lobster rolls are a ridiculously good serving of what seems like a full 1/2 lb of lobster.


Photo credit Mr T In DC

We’re not talking shredded lobster here…but large chunks of wonderfully seasoned goodness.  These folks are serious .  The owners drive up to Maine each week to handpick the lobster, so everything is fresh and awesome.

This type of attention to detail is working.  They have a loyal following and though sometimes the lines can be a bit crazy, you’ll understand why when you get your roll.  The meal with drinks and chips comes to $18, so while this isn’t exactly your everyday lunch fare, it makes a lovely treat.

So the next time you want to get a little adventurous with your lunch, the next time you’re in the mood for some fresh, restaurant-quality lobster drizzled in butter, the next time you feel like taking a bite out of your food while standing on the side of the road…

Pull up your twitter account and see if you can catch the Red Hook Lobster Truck.

Treat Yourself to Epic Lunch @lobstertruckdc


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7 Responses to “41. Red Hook Lobster Truck”

  1. Tim says:

    Oh their lobster rolls are soooo good. I prefer the Connecticut as well. The prices are a little steep but I guess that’s what you pay for lobster anywhere though. Cool review.

  2. Dani James says:

    WHERE is this parking lot, Rohan? That photo looks amazing. I will start saving my dollars!

    • rohan says:

      Hola Dani!

      If you follow them on twitter, they announce their locations and you catch up with them if they’re nearby. They tend to be in the Dupont area a lot, but almost any area in the city you’re bound to catch them. Yup, save that loot! haha

  3. Barry H says:

    That does look pretty good. The nearest place to my work does nice crayfish and chilli sandwich – but like that truck its a bit too pricey for every day!

    • rohan says:

      Oh crayfish sounds awesome, I’ll have to find a spot nearby to get some. Yeah, the price is often the downside for really good seafood. Thanks so much for stopping by Barry!

  4. DC Foodie says:

    Alrighty…NOW you are speaking my language! HA! Glad that you finally had the lobster truck experience. Definitely a DC treasure! I am a huge fan! Now you need to try the Empanada and the Grilled cheese trucks too! #Greedy

    • rohan says:

      Oh, I’m going to look up those trucks. I didn’t even know there was a grilled cheese truck…Thanks, much appreciated!


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