40. The Newseum Washington DC

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Ask me to describe the Newseum in Washington DC and I’m usually not sure how to do it.  I end up rambling on about the Berlin Wall,  the Unabomber’s hut, Hurricane Katrina, President Nixon’s resignation, 9/11, Pulitzer Prize photos…and on and on.

Then your eyes glaze over and I worry that I just made the Newseum sound like a collection of newspapers.

So I backtrack and go with,

“No, seriously, it’s not just a regular museum, you won’t believe the interactive sections”


” Don’t think pretty artifacts in display cases, but more a full moving experience that will really end up impacting you deeply.  Trust me! ”

Hopefully by then, you’ll get why the Newseum in Washington DC is my absolute favorite museum in the city.

It’s not only a beautiful museum, but the exhibits are presented in a variety of cool ways.  Instead of just a bunch of written text, you’ll feel like you’re being transported back in time into the lives of the people in the stories.

Oh and like the news, the newseum is constantly changing to keep up with current events, so no two trips there are the same.

Tickets are $20, but you can use it to come back the next day.  I really think you’ll love the Newseum in Washington DC.  Let me know what you think.

Have a blast!

Newseum Map and Visitor’s Guide

555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20001


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