39. Go for a Sunday Drive

Posted at March 17, 2011 by 7 Comments

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Ahh the days of the Sunday Drive.  Growing up my uncle would take the fam for Sunday drives all the time.  A few sandwiches, some bottles of soda, and a long stretch of road was all that we needed for bliss.

I say, let’s get out there and spend some time in our car with absolutely nowhere to go.  No meetings to get to.  No errands to run.  And certainly no reason to rush.

Just you, your car, and if you’re so inclined, someone who is cool enough to appreciate the awesomeness that is…well, you and your car.

Windows open. Check.

Your favorite cds. Check.

And your cellphone left chilling on the coffee table at home.  No interruptions on this ride, baby.

The Sunday afternoon drive is back!  Now who’s with me?

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7 Responses to “39. Go for a Sunday Drive”

  1. Marj says:

    You are insane!!! Love it!

  2. Dani James says:

    I felt giddy moving so fast along 66. I don’t think I’ve ever made the trek west into VA w/o hitting a traffic snag along the way. (Usually inexplicable, suddenly resolving after miles of brake lights, for no apparent reason!)

    The only problem with your idyllic (very American) Sunday drive idea is the price at the pumps these days. I may just get my road thrills from watching this vid over and over (while drinking a cold soda!)

    • rohan says:

      Haha, good point about the price at the pump. I’d say though, that you would probably pay less for 2 hours on the road than you would for dinner for 2 at even a reasonable restaurant in the city. 🙂

      I know what you mean about unpredictable traffic around here too…you never know what you’re gonna get.

    • Happy says:

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