31. Things to do in DC | Hike Roosevelt Island

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I know what you must be thinking:  I’m really pushing it with these outside activities while you still have to wear a full coat and scarf just to run to the mailbox.  Okay, it’s cold out, but it won’t be cold forever.  Matter of fact, in a few short weeks you’ll be rocking a t-shirt and shorts on that mailbox trek.

So, when things warm up, I think you deserve to treat yourself to one of the true hidden gems in DC:

Outdoor Things To Do in DC: Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt island is like a beautiful oasis smack dab in the middle of of the city.  You have slightly more than two miles of hiking trails that makes a lovely evening of relaxation with friends or the loved one.   The trails are fairly gentle, so you don’t need to be an expert hiker to go enjoy a wonderful outdoor thing to do in Washington DC.

This is an experience that you’re going to have to bring your camera for.  If not for the views of the city you would have no idea that you weren’t off in Montana somewhere.

It’s like a little piece of heaven with the scenery, animals, the swamp…and all just a quick walk from the Roslyn Metro station.  (You can get there pretty quickly walking from Georgetown as well).

I don’t know why this Teddy Roosevelt monument isn’t more popular.  There’s something about seeing this right in the middle of the woods that is almost eerie.  Love it!

The word isn’t completely out yet on this spot, but parking is still a little tight.  You can bike over from Rosslyn and park your bikes when you get there though.

If you plan to drive here you can only get to the parking lot driving North on George Washington Parkway.  If you’re coming from the north, you could park in Rosslyn and just walk over.

The hiking trail is a full circle around the island so no chance of getting lost over there.  Plus the trail is a raised path made out of wood, so you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlies or sloshing around in the mud (though this can be fun!).

It’s a lovely location and an awesome thing to do in DC.  It reminds me of some of those beautiful scenes you see on the Nature Channel.

Reconnect with nature or spend some time with you know who.  Have a blast!

George Washington Parkway
In the Potomac
Arlington, VA 22216

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