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I had a fun Wednesday evening out playing table tennis with my friends  at Potomac Community center.  Being over there made me think of another outfit that’s also doing great work in the DC area.  I know, this is my second bike related post in a few days, but  I’ve wanted to talk about these folks for a while.

Phoenix Bikes is a bike shop with a twist.  Donated bikes are fixed up and re-sold in order to support their after-school program for kids. DC area kids  learn teamwork, leadership skills, and develop their business acumen by helping to run the bike shop.  Cool right?

It’s also an excellent shop if you need a quick bike repair or want to buy a used bike without the usual “bike snobbery” you may find at the larger bike stores.

You can get in touch with them to volunteer  if you have bike repairing skills or if you have a bike to donate.  Seems like a truly awesome thing to do in Washington DC.

Their Mission:

Empowering youth to become social entrepreneurs through direct participation in a financially and environmentally sustainable nonprofit bike shop that serves the community.

What a wonderful way to support DC children and promote responsible and fun transportation.  Get out there and check out one of their events as well.  They organize youth rides and a host of other fun stuff.

Help support a unique non-profit in the DC area.


4200 S 4 Mile Run Dr
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 575-7762


Photo credit: Chris DiGiamo.

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