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113. BYT & Embassy of Spain Arts and Culture Program Launch

Something tells me that you're smarter than most. You don't get caught up in the newest shiny "gotta be there" thing to do in Washington DC. Yeah, you'll go out of your zone a bit and do some crazy fun stuff (as ...

112. Portraits after 5 Happy Hour at the National Portrait Gallery

Thanks to Fisola Fasehun, our awesome new guest writer, for this post on the Free Potraits after 5 Happy Hour to be held this Friday, September 2, from 6 to 9 p.m. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is probably my favorite museum in DC.  From ...

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111. Attend the Verizon Wireless American Music Festival with The Fordcast Tour

So are you free for Labor Day Weekend?  How does four free tickets to the largest outdoor Music Fest on the East Coast sound? The Verizon Wireless American Music Festival to introduce the new Ford Focus is in full swing across the United States.  The team at Ford got in ...

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110. Marrakesh Restaurant DC | Exotic Car show and Dinner

The long walk to my car had felt weird to begin with. Now I was sure my car had gotten smaller.  The seats just didn't feel right.  My mind was racing, but I was too exhausted to accurately hone in on my thoughts. Lights were too bright. Voices were too loud. And ...

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109. DMV Africans Late Registration Cookout

So, I've been a fan of the folks over at DMV Africans for some time, and I think you'll enjoy their Late Registration Cookout on Sunday August 21st in Greenbelt Md. Before I get into the details about the cookout, I thought I would share a bit about the crew at ...

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108. Old School Hip Hop Bar Crawl U Street

So where are you going to be  on Sunday, August 21 2011? Have plans already? If so, cool.  I understand.  I know this is last minute. But if you  happen to be free.  Here's a bit of fun: An Old School Hip Hop Bar Crawl on U street. Starting at 1 p.m. and going ...

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107. POV at the W hotel

So this is a guest post by Karen on the Pov Rooftop Lounge at the W Hotel. I have a good friend who when he comes to town always politely declines my invitation to crash at my place and chooses instead to lay his head ...

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106. The Park Live- See Estelle Perform

It's a great time to be in Washington D.C.  This summer we've had our share of fun performances in the city and this week the summer of fun continues. Grammy award winning performer Estelle is next up to bat.  Estelle will be performing at the Park summer concert series and ...

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105. Smith Commons Restaurant

We all have bad days.  And on a particularly bad Monday for me, I decided I needed a bit of cheering up.  I had been planning to visit Smith Commons on H Street for some time now and figured today was the day. So with credit card in hand, and with ...

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104. Columbia Heights Day

It's here again.  And per usual they promise it's going to be bigger and better. The skeptic in me thinks they're right. Columbia Heights Day is among the best community festivals in Washington D.C.  Each year D.C Metro residents in the thousands descend on Columbia Heights to celebrate the best the community ...

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