19. Brunch and Board Games at Red Derby

Posted at February 16, 2011 by 2 Comments

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You’ve been thinking about this for years!  Scratching your head at night.  Biting your bottom lip in strained thought.  Your eyes squinting from the pain of what seems like a perpetually unanswered question.

Where God, where?

Where can you go with a group of friends for brunch in Washington DC?

Where can you find a spot that is more laid back than Snoop Dogg in his ’77 Cutlass Supreme?  A place where you can play board games with your friends (Jenga I see you), over awesome food and $2 mimosas.

Is this spot out there?  Oh yes it is.

We’re not joking.

I absolutely love brunch at Red Derby.  You walk in, seat yourself, grab your own coffee and water, and place your order.  Your food comes in a little plastic tray like you’re back in middle school.  While you wait, you can break out the board games and go at it until someone breaks into tears.

Simply a glorious experience.

It’s one of those spots in DC that has it’s own identity.  Plenty of red walls, and the servers are super friendly.

Eclectic music, a groovy vibe, and good simple eats.  I haven’t had their hamburger but the word is, they know what they’re doing.

So this is one less life question for you to tackle with. One less thing to keep you up at night.

You have your answer: Brunch + Washington DC = Red Derby.

I bet you’ll stay much longer than you plan to.

Go all out!

3718 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20010
Phone: 202-291-5000


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2 Responses to “19. Brunch and Board Games at Red Derby”

  1. nadine says:

    Was there for a party for the mayor and we were all decked out in red derbys. Had a blast

  2. BoaGam says:

    Well, I live in Europe and we have only a few places in our city where we can play board games =( Anyway, thanks for sharing the place, I will definitely visit it next time I am in USA


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