18. Chief Ike’s and LoveSexyDC-Prince Über fanatics

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So this is a double review of sorts.  Two DC institutions colliding for what could only be deemed a monumental event.  I expect a smorgasbord of sights, sounds, tastes, musics, colors, noise, laughter, sweating, dancing, drinks…

And that’s before you even get inside.

In one corner you have LoveSexyDC: a group of nearly a thousand Prince fans that have been celebrating all things Prince since 1994.  Yes, that Prince:  O(+>

The group has been featured in the Washington Post and boasts honorary members from all over the world.  If it involves Prince, they’re there.  Kathy Jentz, 39, founded the club, after she posted an ad in a Prince fanzine inquiring about starting a club in the DC area.

Well this Sunday they’re having a Prince dance party.  Hit after hit of Prince music.  I would recommend an event like this no matter where it was held.  Sounds like fun a thing to do in DC right? Well it gets better.  Guess where it’s being held.

Yup, in the other corner: Chief Ike’s

An Adam’s Morgan staple, Chief Ike’s is a bar/club that is as unpretentious as it is straightforward. Ike’s is a club that is caught in the 90’s and proudly so.  No sophisticated lighting, no exciting decor.  We’re talking strobe lights, a disco ball, and some of the best 90’s music you’ll hear anywhere in DC.

Their clientele is all over the place too.  Look to your left and you might see two 40ish swedish women draining their Heinekens as they get down to hip hop music.  To the right you might see a 20 year old guy in a Georgetown t-shirt and plaid pants draped lazily over a pair of worn out converse.  At the bar you may notice an aging couple who seem to know every single word to “Baby Got Back!”  And strangely enough, none of this will feel strange for Chief Ike’s.

If you want a seriously great time minus all the extras, then check the Chiefs out.  You’ll see why I’m so excited about LoveSexyDC’s prince celebration being held at Chief’s. For about the last 5 years or so, these two DC institutions have called each other home.

It. Gets. No. Better.

Details: Sunday 2/20/11 at 9:00 pm.  All music by prince (as if this is a surprise).

Where: Adams Morgan, 1725 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC.  No cover and ridiculously good drink specials.  And no dress code of course.

This should be a blast! Get out there.  Like the party fliers say,

“True Funk Soldiers. Real people. Real music. No attitudes.”




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4 Responses to “18. Chief Ike’s and LoveSexyDC-Prince Über fanatics”

  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the great write-up, Rohan! We are also celebrating our 17th Anniversary on Sunday so we have a few surprises in store. Hope to meet/see you there. Peace and B Wild!

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