16. What to do in DC -Ben’s Chili Bowl

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Ben’s Chili Bowl is so popular as a fun thing to do in DC, that a review seems almost like a waste of time.  But what kind of list would this be if it didn’t include Ben’s?  I tried to delay it a bit, but something about Saturday evenings and dreaming about what to do in DC makes me think about grabbing some chili dogs and cheese fries.

And we both know Ben’s is the spot for that!  And if you didn’t know…

Now you know.

This is typical Ben’s Chili Bowl fare.  You go there with the firm knowledge that you’ll be served some of the meanest, beefiest chili dogs this side of the equator.  You go there already knowing that their chili will be too much to eat in one sitting and you’ll probably get it all over your shirt. 

But you go any way.

Know why?  Because it’s Ben’s.

They haven’t survived through the 1960’s riots just to serve you a mediocre hot dog.

Obama didn’t go there right after his inauguration just because it’s a cool little spot in the city.  He knew it was a must-do thing to do in Washington DC.

This place is a Washington DC landmark in the strictest sense of the word.

Yes, you may get there and the lines will be out the door.

Yes, the menu may seem a tad bit pricey.

Yes, the place is small and the seats are hard and unforgiving.

You know all of this and it still doesn’t matter.  It’s Ben’s Chilli Bowl. All the dogs and fries you could eat and still be able to walk.  What to do in DC? Go crazy @ Ben’s!


213 U Street, NW DC 20009


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5 Responses to “16. What to do in DC -Ben’s Chili Bowl”

  1. karen says:

    Ben’s is awesome. If you get a chance check out Ben’s next door as well.

  2. sayed says:

    Yeah, I’ve been to Ben’s next door and it’s a cool spot too. Drinks aren’t too expensive. U street Rocks!

  3. Mason says:

    Yay for chili dogs!

  4. ritika says:

    i havenot eaten your food but i like to eat in india as i can’t come their


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