137. Frederick Douglas Mansion

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So on day 137 of 365 Things to do in DC I wanted to share this little out of the way experience from a personal hero of mine.

Frederick Douglass, statesman, abolitionist,  and advisor to President Lincoln, bought his Anacostia mansion during his tenure as United States Marshall in the late 1800’s.

Douglass, born a slave, worked for his freedom and parlayed his brilliance into writings and a life of public service that impacted generations to come.

If you find yourself with nothing to do on a lazy evening head down to Anacostia to check out Frederick Douglas’ Mansion.  You’ll find great artifacts that belonged to Douglas in addition to gifts he received from some notable figures of his day.

Thought this was a cool change of pace and a nod to a great American figure.

Frederick Douglas National Historic Site
1411 W Street SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 426-5961

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