12. Trapeze Class Adventure @ TPNY DC Naval yard

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Suppose I were to tell you that you could head to the Naval Yard in DC and by the end of the day you would be swinging from your legs and doing back-flips like a Trapeze artist!

You may probably think I’m crazy for this experience, but trust me on this one.

Flying Trapeze is SO. MUCH. FUN!

As soon as you walk in the first thing you will realize is that the staff at TPNY is awesome! Super friendly, energetic, and loads of fun. You’ll get a quick rundown on how to jump off the platform, how to swing (it’s not as easy as you may think), how to fall, and tips on hanging from your knees.

You have a choice of having your class indoors or outdoors (when it’s warmer out).  Folks applaud your performance no matter how much of a beginner you are.  If you’re outside, some of that clapping will be from folks just walking by.  Inside or outside, you’re going to have a ball.

Then off you go. During the last 30 minutes of class a catcher hops on another trapeze and attempts to grab your forearms in midair allowing you to dismount like a boss.  You can also just dismount in a seated position or by doing a back-flip. 

Told you it was fun!

Safety: Dont worry, these folks are pros.  They don’t play around with safety.  You are fully harnessed and always under the watchful eye of the instructors.

Age limits: This is an experience that the entire family can enjoy.  For children, they recommend 6 years and up.

Bottom line … Trapeze school is the most fun you’ll have in a while.  You’ll be surprised at how addictive it is.  If you’re a little hesitant about doing something that might be scary, then that settles it: You should definitely Go!

Location:  Southeast corner of 4th St SE and Tingey St, Washington DC 20003.


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3 Responses to “12. Trapeze Class Adventure @ TPNY DC Naval yard”

  1. Michelle says:

    I took this class before It was so fun.

  2. Milk says:

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