11. Sonya Renee @ Fresh Produce

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Is anyone else cold out there?  This stretch of DC weather is starting to take its toll on us.  We’ve been waiting for that uncharacteristic 3 or 4 day heat wave in the middle of winter so we can do something outdoorsy.  Until then, we’ll be sticking to comfortable heated rooms for our adventures.

Poetry to warm the soul @ The Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art!

For the entire month of February,  the Fridge Gallery in Washington, DC will welcome over 60 local and national performance artists to the city.

Experience a month of theater, music, dance, poetry, magic, experimental gatherings,interactive performances…tons of fun stuff.  A highlight for us will definitely be Sonya Renee on February 5

Sonya, (Miss Renee if ya nasty) is one of the most distinguished females in the world of Slam Poetry.  She has consistently ranked at the top of every major national and international poetry slam for the past several years.  Sonya’s success can be attributed to her commitment to writing poetry that stays true to her roots as a social activist and women’s rights advocate.

Women’s rights! Check.

Social Activism! Check.

All that’s left is for you to get out there and be inspired!

When: Feb 5th, 2011


Rear Alley
516 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003


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