10. National Museum of African Art

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Washington DC is an absolutely wonderful place to be creative.  No question!  The city is filled with some of the most talented artists you’ll find anywhere.  This adventure though, takes you on a voyage across the Atlantic to see art that has been a continuous inspiration to our local artists.

An evening at the National Museum of African Art

You won’t believe what wood can turn into in the hands of a master.

Or how paint can dance effortlessly across a piece of canvas.

Think for a second that these pieces were once held in the hands of men and women from various tribes in Africa and massaged and brought to life for our own inspiration and enjoyment years later.  It’s so awesome to be alive in this moment in time.  Go be amazed.

The National Museum of African Art is part of the Smithsonian Museum Collective, so like everything Smithsonian it’s absolutely free.  You’ll never look at a piece of wood the same way again.


950 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington D.C.
DC 20560


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